Dissertation Topics For Finance Students: 24 Great Questions

Choosing a dissertation topic for a finance student can be a difficult task, because often it seem that all the major and important subjects have already been covered. But that is not true, especially today when the word is rapidly changing with global impact. To choose a really great topic first you need to pose yourself an intriguing question that you need to answer.

Here is a list of 24 great questions that a finance student who wants to write a dissertation needs to ask himself.

  • The prompt enlargement of micro-finance: Why is everything so different in the Eurozone?
  • What is the reason behind the failure of financial products viability in the local market?
  • Credit and other financial services and growth: How are microfinances making a change in developing economies?
  • Europe and Asia: How are they crucially different sides of the same coin of capitalism
  • Asset-liability management framework: Great failure of crisis economics or successful breakthrough?
  • Off-balance sheet activities in the UK banking industry, how does it really work?
  • Equity price and performance: Can a bank survive without taught rules?
  • How banks affect agricultural productivity through credit flow?
  • Banks in big cities versus financial services in rural parts of the world: Do they differ and how?
  • What are the liabilities of implementing investment banking in young markets?
  • Stock price synchronicity in emerging markets: Is there a causal link or is it natural flow of merchandise and goods?
  • European financial supervision and restriction politics in the eve of post crisis development?
  • Foreign direct investment in national financial sector: Friend or foe of a nation?
  • Is private equity market alternative for institutional investors?
  • Hedge funds over the years: What good did they bring and why will they continue to exist?
  • Promising capital makeupand legal responsibility
  • Evasiveness of interest pace: Is there a limit for risk management?
  • Ethical issues: Is corporate social responsibility enough for a bank to give back to the community and what else can be done?
  • What is social responsible banking and why is it important?
  • Does terrorism financing have similarities with national money flow, and what can we learn from one another?
  • International banking and risk, how to achieve more goals with less risking?
  • Stress testing in the banking industry: Does it really work in real time model?
  • Moral aspects of outsourcing accounting overseas
  • How does affect all the big organizations recent demand for disclosure of social and environmental information?