List Of Powerful Dissertation Topics In Gender Studies

A dissertation is an important academic assignment that students complete during their university and college life. Often you write such papers for graduation or post-graduation levels. These assignments require the students to think critically, plan effectively, stay organized, and develop a winning paper using strong supporting evidence from authenticated sources. The subject that you are to write your paper about is critical because it decides a lot about your interest and consistency in the paper. If you get a chance to write about what you have always wanted to, you will find your project fun. It does not mean that the project will not be challenging but you will enjoy doing it when you love to write about it.

Gender studies are a wide subject and can have various aspects to be discussed in a dissertation. The best tip to write a winning paper is narrowing down the subject. The narrower the subject of your paper, the easier it will be for you to find your unique niche and write about it. Try to pick a subject area that you are passionate about so that you can stay dedicated to write your paper. If you are not sure how to pick an interesting topic about gender studies, you should consider looking at the following topics. These are suggestions that you can edit and improve to write your own

Ideas for topics about gender studies

  1. Sex slavery and its drastic experiences in Arab and African continents
  2. The role of Indian women in the progress of the economy and growth
  3. Burning the wife alive in case the husband has deceased, what does this tradition show about gender discrimination
  4. Does religion promote or encourage gender discrimination
  5. Oppression of women according to religious authorities and regulations
  6. Culture and religion play an important role in gender development
  7. Abortions and female babies, should the doctors stop telling the gender before birth
  8. What is positive sexism and how to spread it
  9. What measures do we need to take in our society to consider all humans equal
  10. Gender diversity should be appreciated rather than criticized
  11. Having female officers in the military can be very well rewarding
  12. The misconception about feminism
  13. All men are not rapists and not against women
  14. Double standards for men and women in professional life