3 Places To Check Looking For A Dissertation Introduction Example

Introduction is the first thing a person sees if he is reading your dissertation, so you would like it to be perfect. You will need to do a lot of research before you start writing it, but also you can ask for some help from people who have already finish their introductions. It is important to see some good examples before you start your own work, so that you don’t have to rewrite or later correct some issues.

Ask your mentor for some help

Your mentor’s duty is to help you out with your thesis, so it won’t be strange if you ask him to provide you with some examples how an introduction should be written. He will probably have some samples in his archives, or he can easily get you some. This way, you are sure that you will see how a good introduction looks like, because he can also tell you what the things to consider are. He can also, along with showing you some actual introductions; point out some tricks and tips how to start writing your thesis.

Internet – Forums, university pages, student’s chatrooms

You can have many examples online; you just have to search for a specific topic so that you get the best example for your case. You just have to be careful, because there are many samples that are posted as the real deal, and actually are not good enough. Search as many forums and student’s groups you can find, and evaluate the worth of the samples that you came across. If you are still confused how an introduction should look like, enter a chatroom for students that study same thing you do, or something similar. Ask them for help and their opinion, and some may even volunteer to show you some examples or tell you where you can get some.

University archives

All the papers, thesis and dissertations that have been published under a certain university are kept in their archives. Some of them could be uploaded on university’s web site, but many don’t get published because the authors choose not to. But you can find the entire dissertation in the library or the archives, and the university staff will let you take a look at any paper that you are interested in. That way you will also be sure that those papers are quality work.