Writing A Dissertation From Scratch: 12 Unique Ideas

It is time to write your dissertation and you are looking at the task ahead of you and wondering if you should hide underneath the bed of run for the hills. These twelve unique ideas will help you get it done in no time and without too much strife.

  1. Create a strict writing schedule
  2. You need to make a plan to write or research for a certain amount of time each day. Set aside two hours Monday to Friday for writing your paper. Make sure that you write uninterrupted for fifty minutes and take a ten minute break.

  3. Setting up a dissertation station
  4. Make a special area where you will devote to the creation of your masterpiece. It should have everything that you may need within reach so that you can just work. Stock it with sharpened pencils, erasers, a dictionary, a thesaurus, resources, and lots of paper, index cards, highlighters, and a few water bottles.

  5. Play Baroque
  6. Many studies have expressed the added creative activity with some Baroque playing in the background. Turn it up just loud enough to feel the power and not loud enough to be a distraction.

  7. Write in a blazer
  8. You are writing this paper because you are trying to complete your degree program so that you can become a professional and live the good life, so dress the part. Put on that shirt and tie or a nice blazer and write.

  9. Don’t procrastinate
  10. You don’t want to turn this into a bigger project than it already is. Get a jump on it and take a few weeks off when it is done instead of starting it a few weeks late.

  11. Read samples
  12. The more samples that you read; the easier it will be.

  13. Plan your paper
  14. Never work without an outline. Create one for each section of your paper.

  15. Use index cards for notes
  16. You can write the source on the back and then move them around to use in different sections as your write and feel they are better off somewhere else.

  17. Get a writing buddy
  18. Conduct your research with a buddy who will push you to continue working. As long as you don’t talk too much, you can push each other to get it done.

  19. Eat healthy
  20. You will need the energy, so eat healthier meals and fuel that brain.

  21. Use PowerPoint
  22. You are going to have to present it anyways, so as you are working create a PowerPoint. It will help you develop your ideas.

  23. Stop reading this and get started
  24. You have the tools that you need to get started, so stop procrastinating and get to it.

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