Simple Instructions For Creating Dissertation Acknowledgements

Acknowledgements in a dissertation paper are not necessarily the most important aspect but they are nonetheless indispensable since they showcase your sincerity and gratitude to the individuals who made it possible for you to finish your paper. Remember that whatever you achieve with your paper is possible due to the contributions of these people and express your feelings regarding the same in a formal manner.

Understanding the need for acknowledgements

  • Jot down all the people who have contributed to your paper, irrespective of the capacity.
  • Even if it was a simple question or slight changes to the format, you need to keep an open mindset and include them all.
  • There is no shame in accepting the fact that you wrote your paper with help from others. That is the way it works and everyone understands that.
  • Your audience expects quality work from your end; they are least bothered with the number of contributors to your paper.

Be honest and genuine

The way you pen down your thoughts on how you feel should seem genuine and real, not scripted in any way. However, be sure to keep it short and succinct. Nobody wants to see the acknowledgements section in a paper go on for three pages. Condense your thoughts and start out by writing a couple of lines on how your dissertation would not have been successful without the inputs you received from some people.

People on top

One dilemma which many of you face while writing the acknowledgements part is which people you need to include at the beginning. Obviously, you need to cover everyone but start out with the most important of them all – your supervisor. Keep in mind that it was he/she who guided you every step of the way and helped you streamline your paper in the best possible way. Therefore, it’s no wonder that they get top billing.

Covering the rest

You need to include the names of all the faculty members and peers who helped you with your paper and cheered you on when you were stuck on a certain point. Just a simple line or two will suffice but including them all shows you are thankful to them for their support and understand how much it means to you.

Format issues

Do not create a bulky paragraph for your acknowledgements. Instead make precise divisions and paragraphs where you need to. A bulleted list tends to look neat and clean.