Where To Look For Undergraduate Dissertation Examples In Sociology?

Sociology, as a distinct subject, talks of the society, in general. Specifically, it aims to study the origins of organised society, how social constructs came into being and their present statuses, how society can be reformed for the better, and anthropological explanations for the fact that man is a social animal. It may seem like a very general subject dealing with generic everyday issues, but, in reality, it is deeply linked with many other disciplines, such as the likes of political science, anthropology, behavioural psychology, economics and cultural studies.

Understanding the basic concepts

Sociology is a vast subject and before going into highly advanced operational assignments like dissertation writing, the students should be allowed to ease into the subject. It is essential that the students get to know and understand the basics of the field before jumping to conclusions. A good way to brush up on sociological ideologies is to read, in brief, the works of eminent personalities in this area such as Marx, Durkheim, Comte, Ghurye, Srinivas, among various others. Their works are hailed as pinnacles of sociological theories and, hence, should be read.

Looking for a specific area of topic to cover

Sociology is a vast subject and no single dissertation can sufficiently capture the length and breadth of it. Hence, a candidate must choose from any one of the following topics:

  • The works of eminent Western scholars on concepts like religion, class conflict, industrialisation of society, and others.
  • The works of eminent Oriental and Asian scholars on concepts like colonialization, its implications, regional cultures and how they differ from modern Western cultures, as well as the changes that they have undergone, owing to
  • Westernization. These discussions, however, are more inclined toward anthropology.
  • Social institutions and constructs: how they originated, their evolution, and their modern day social relevance.

Hypotheses are welcome

Sociology is a branch of the larger all-inclusive subject of the social sciences. A key feature of the social sciences is that, unlike the physical sciences, they function purely on the basis of likelihoods, and not concrete evidence. As a result, a student of sociology can very well speculate on a certain topic so long as he or she can support it with reasonable examples and explanations.

Giving due references

Secondary data plays a major part in any good thesis paper in the field of sociology. However, these citations will tantamount to plagiarism charges if the student does not properly include and give clear dues to the person from whom he or she has borrowed intellectual property.