Dissertation Topics: How To Find The Best Idea In Three Steps

Your dissertation is the key to achieving your degree. This paper is supposed to demonstrate your mastery of your field of study, as well as your ability to contribute to its progress. With so much riding on a single document, you need to be sure that you choose an exceptional topic. While this can be intimidating, it won’t be difficult if you follow these three steps.

Three Steps to Finding the Best Dissertation Topic

  1. Start with Your Interests
  2. You are going to be spending a lot of time and effort on your project, so it has to be about something that you are deeply passionate about. Start finding your topic by thinking about the areas related to your field of study that you find especially interesting, and deciding which of these you want to explore. Originality is essential here, so be sure to review the related literature in order to determine what unanswered questions or unresolved issues there are to address.

  3. Examine the Feasibility of Your Idea
  4. After you settle on an interesting topic, you will then need to determine the feasibility of performing research based on that idea. You must be able to conclude successfully your research within a reasonable period of time. As such, you need to figure out if the data, materials, and methods pertinent to your idea are within your reach. It is better to choose a simple topic that you know you can complete than to start an ambitious project that you won’t be able to finish with your current resources.

  5. Ask the Experts for Advice
  6. The third step is to ask others for advice. Choosing a topic for such an important research project shouldn’t be a lonely task, so don’t rush into writing your proposal just yet. Once you’ve completed the second step, ask your professors if you can consult them about your ideas. They’ll be able to make suggestions as to the thrust or focus of your research and the improvements you can make on your project. With their wider view of the field, it’s also possible that they’ll be able to point you in the direction of a good topic that had previously escaped your notice.

Choosing a topic may be only the first step towards completing your dissertation, but it’s already a significant achievement. After all, seeing your project through to the very end will be much easier when you have defined exactly what you’re working on.