Good Topics For A Doctoral Dissertation About Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a subject that many people want to write about, because there are not many serious studies, and it is an issue that has only recently caught the attention of the scientific world. You can write about it from a social perspective, medical or even refer to politics, because it is an issue that doesn’t have a simple solution. The most important thing would be for you to choose a topic that is not overwritten about, but still has enough data for you to easily make it into a dissertation.

  1. Domestic violence in different parts of the world – how the culture influence are perspective on normal family behavior
  2. Choosing the moment when there is too much repression in a relationship - should it be demanded by law or a subject should decide
  3. Border of private and public and how violence has entered from the streets into our homes and affected our lives
  4. Bad parenting and violence are connected to social status, education or overall childhood experience
  5. When the abuser needs help – a comprehensive study about the psychology and the mind of a person that is a domestic violator
  6. Save houses and the adaptation of victims of domestic violence – how to forget the past and move toward the future after bad experience
  7. Psychiatric help for victims of domestic violence and case studies that show their effectiveness
  8. Worst aspects of readapting to a life without the violence in it – the case of Stockholm syndrome
  9. Legal implementation of some human rights regulative that can help minimize domestic violence
  10. Prevention and education that can lover domestic violence
  11. Good laws that protect the victims, and demonize the attacker in cases of domestic violence
  12. Relevant point to consider about the right of a person who has done or is doing domestic violence
  13. The representation of hidden symptoms that a person is being attached at their home and regulations that can help the victim
  14. The difference between parenting and domestic violence – how to set a border a parent should never cross
  15. Good therapies for persons that have gone through domestic violence and the power of healing
  16. Simple solution to demanding problem of domestic violence, how can society help in simple steps
  17. How to prevent violence in families with the full respect of their privacy