A List Of Fresh And Controversial Dissertation Topics You Can Explore

If you want to write a dissertation on the current and controversial issues in the world today, there will be no shortage of topics. Almost anything can become – and has become – an issue and there are plenty of worthy topics for you to discuss in your thesis. Following is a list of some of the top trending topics the general public has been obsessed with of late.

Current and controversial topics for your dissertation:

  • Has feminism lost its way? – Feminism started on the premise of gender equality – women being educated or allowed in the workplace. These days it seems to have degenerated into outrage over trivial issues, with women creating tension and riots on the internet over every little thing they personally don’t like. Probably one of the most controversial topics you could tackle.
  • Health services in your country – Discuss the way health insurance and services operate in your country. This is usually one of the bigger issues when it comes to voting and one of the things the general public is most unhappy with.
  • Legalization of cannabis, same-sex marriage, etc. – Another issue the internet is rife with opinions about.
  • Legalization of what they want or feel should be legalized. What is your take on these things and do you think the legalization or non-legalization of them would, or does, affect the world today?
  • Has marriage and raising a family been affected by gender equality? – With gender equality on the rise, how has this affected the raising of a family in the current world climate? Do you feel children have suffered by having two working parents, or is this just the direction the world is going in?
  • The effects of smart devices on our generation – Smart device products have flooded the market. Some effects have been obvious – both for positive and negative. What issues do you feel are important regarding the smart device generation we are a part of?
  • Is the internet the new "opiate of the masses"? – With social media taking over the world, what have been the effects of it on the ordinary person? Has our psych taken a turn for the worse, or has it had an overall positive effect on people in general?
  • The effects of religion on the world today – What are the bad effects of religion in the world today vs. its good effects? Do they measure up, or does one outweigh the other? Is religion becoming outdated?
  • Marketing brands using low self-esteem to sell products – How much does marketing depend on a person’s sense of self-esteem to sell their products? Has the business of marketing purposely manipulated the public to sell products in greater numbers? What are the social, physical and psychological effects of this on the general public?

Remember that to write a good thesis, you need to start with a meaningful topic. Using this list, you should be able to write a brilliant dissertation with a sturdy argument on a topic you feel strongly about.