12 Nursing Dissertation Proposal Topics For Undergraduates

Before working on a dissertation towards earning an undergraduate degree in nursing, students need to submit proposals for approval by their advisors. Choosing a great topic is extremely important, so we’ve come up with 12 ideas worth consideration:

  1. In terms of clinical management and practices, what are the biggest risks and issues faced by patients with prostate cancer? What improvements are being implemented to reduce these risks and issues?
  2. What are the biggest challenges with patient self-assessment methods and the ways in which nurses and healthcare providers can optimize their treatment approaches in older patients?
  3. What are the biggest challenges faced by nurse practitioners in occupational therapy in terms of education patients on how to avoid future workplace injuries? Are there challenges in communication methods?
  4. How have the increased number of teens who abuse drugs and alcohol affected the way treatment services have had to adapt in order to provide appropriate and effective care for other patients in a clinical setting?
  5. How effective are midwives in facilitating informed choices and influencing decision making made by pregnant women concerning their health and the health of the unborn child?
  6. Compare and contrast different management strategies for clinical patients diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. How have recent research studies on PTSD affected treatment?
  7. Provide a comparative study of the private and public health care systems in terms of nurse training and effectiveness of care provided to patients.
  8. What are necessary evidence based processes and procedures needed in the development of an effective nursing program for elderly patients with advance stages of cancer? Does their age affect the kinds of treatment they can get?
  9. Provide a critical analysis of the effectiveness of community nursing centers in terms of the way nurses, general practitioners, social workers, and local policy makers communicate with one another.
  10. Compare and contrast the community nursing methods and specific health care needs in two major U.S cities. What are the similarities across both systems and how effective have they been?
  11. How prepared are nurses in utilizing available technologies to assess and document patient needs? Is there an overall need for a greater focus on technological training in the nursing field?
  12. How do today’s nurses cope with the mental illness and increased levels of stress among the LGBTQ community? Is there adequate training to deal with this population while offering effective health care?