A Brief Guide To Writing An APA Format Dissertation

There are two types of research work in the main. One is expository in nature and caters to exact science. The other is opinionated in nature and resorts to your opinions and accumulated perspectives.

Making a choice

While writing a dissertation on vivid topical themes and subjects, you have to choose between the two types. You also need to adopt a format style and stick to its restrictions and impositions. While MLA format gels well with exact science topics, APA format is more to do with opinionated subjects such as Psychology, Sociology and History.

  • APA format has certain strict regulations. You need to write the title page with proper running head and giving clear details about your as an author and the university you belong to. The Abstract has to be within 400 words and cut in one or two paragraphs with a forward tone.
  • The Introduction has to be divided into two sections: The Literature Review and Background. Each paragraph should be crisp and shapely. The emergent points and questions should be bulleted. You should make use of double-spaced 12 pts Time new Roman font throughout the paper.
  • The methods should be clearly lineated in progressive manner. You should attempt to cover more grounds with the methods and not stick to a certain region. The analyses have to be streamed from the methods and should play true to the ground.
  • The conclusion should not have doubtful or anticipatory words. The writing style should be fluid and well-toned. You should endeavor to offer solution to the readers but there should not be anything novel mentioned in the conclusion.
  • The resources, a part of which you discuss in the Background section, should be well aligned in the Reference page.
  • You should be fair in acknowledging the resources and writers. You should of course follow the strict codes of APA format while dealing with this page.
  • The footnotes and other tertiary mentions should be well-presented in the appendix page. here again, you have to abide by the regulations of the APA format. There may not be any necessity of tables while tackling opinionated topics.
  • You should place a detailed list of content mentioning the pages that align to different segments. You should make sure to proofread the dissertation to ensure that the APA format is consistently followed.

You will have to take care of many considerations while compiling this research paper. The ultimate work is quite intricate.