Making Your PhD Dissertation Shine – Quick Hints

Writing a PhD dissertation is a keen yet massive accomplishment that could not be taken lightly. Practically writing a PhD thesis could feel like running in a marathon ad one has to work on the same topic for years in a laborious way. There are few important tips and tricks that one could follow so as to get their dissertation shine with perfection, those tips are listed here,

  • Ensure that the dissertation meets the needs of the institution and comprehends with the rules laid by the institution in drafting the thesis.
  • Keep the perspective of the thesis as everyone needs their thesis to be amazing, do not deviate from the topic and make all references relating to it alone.
  • Keep the introduction of the dissertation to be written last. Writing the introduction and conclusion of the thesis together could help in saving a lot of time.
  • Make use of latest technological advancements such as mobile applications that could be excellent project management tools. These aps helps in making checklists so as to concentrate on important stuff of the thesis.
  • Address all unanswered questions in the thesis and do not try ignoring or obfuscating them. Draw attention to these questions and identify them in the conclusion as these are areas of further investigation.
  • N days when your brain is too tired to work, do not take rest, but check on quotations, citations, bibliography etc., which still marks progress in the study.
  • Keep getting feedback now and then from the supervisor as soon as every chapter is completed so that it gets completed without hindrance.
  • Develop the thesis in your own style, taking into account every single point the supervisor has advised. While attending to their revisions and suggestion on the work, let it be thoroughly on your own style of writing. Though the style of writing has nothing to do with the field of research, it doesn’t matter.
  • More is not always better, a PhD thesis is not a race to have the highest page count and thus does not just waste time in padding up work.
  • Find a friend or a partner who is willing to support with the work, share your goals and milestones with them and be accountable to them.
  • Do not strive for perfectionism as nothing could be as crippling as this. Study on the topic thoroughly and craft your thesis accordingly, doesn’t matter if it does not come out to be hundred percent perfect.