List Of Interesting Dissertation Topics Related To Educational Technology

Education is the most important part of a teenager’s life, so everyone is trying to improve it and bring new solutions to benefit the students. Since the technology is so advanced nowadays, there are many devices that students can use to make their life easier. If you want to create your dissertation on this theme, all you have to do is to find an interesting topic that will captivate your colleagues. Here are some ideas:

  • Using laptops in the classroom. Many teachers have something to say against this because they think that the students will be distracted by them. However, students might actually benefit from this if they will use them only to search for information relevant to their lesson.
  • Special devices for students with special needs. There are many students that have difficulties studying because of some physical problems. These problems can be solved if they would have access to recent technology; advanced computers and tablet can help them hear or see.
  • Software for exams. Every student needs to take exams, but sometimes the subjects are complicated and even the students don’t understand what they have to do. If they would take the exams on the computer, everything would become much easier.
  • Preventing the fraud. It is very important to make sure that students are not cheating. When they are taking exams or tests on the paper, it’s easy to cheat and copy from other students. At the same time, if they would take the exams on the computer it would be very easy for the teachers to detect the fraud.
  • Reading. For some students it’s not easy to buy books and carry them every day to school. If they would be allowed to have a tablet or e-book reader at school, they would have access to all books that they need without too much effort. Besides, they would only have to pay a small amount of money.
  • Special software for autistic children. Autistic children can’t communicate properly with those around them, so they need something to facilitate the communication. A software that sais the things that they can’t say would be a real blessing for many of them. It would be easier to be integrated in the community and stay in school. At the same time, the parents wouldn’t be obligated to keep them to study at home.