Simple Steps To Follow When Writing A History Dissertation Outline

Even though there isn’t a good formula on writing your dissertation, there are many way in which you can write your history essay. No matter the approach you choose, there are several guidelines in which you can do your presentation.

Choice of topic

There are people who already have an idea of what they will write about. However, others will find it difficult to find a topic on which they should focus. First you will need to ensure that you choose a topic in an area that you have an interest in. If you choose a boring topic, you will find it challenging to write your essay. Your next step should be to explore more on the subject. Ask your supervisor to provide you with the right readings.

Check the footnotes of work suggested or you can find additional help from your supervisor. From what you read, it is possible to become intrigued with other people’s work or certain events. If you choose to go with another person’s work, you will need to assess how such views are valid so as to have your own better interpretation. You can seek to find more details concerning an incident or person. Ask yourself which aspects of the event or person are you interested in and narrow down your focus. Ensure that you have defined your topic as specifically as it is possible. It may also be advisable to go through sample essays and dissertations.


Ensure that your essay has an introduction. The goal of the introduction is to introduce your topic and offer reasons why it is both anticipating an interesting.


This is the body of the essay and usually consists of a combination of narrative and argument. Ensure that you present your argument in a coherent and presentable manner. The reader should also be able to follow the argument easily. Use this section to provide reasons for the assessment and assertions. Ensure that the text has been divided into paragraphs made of one or 2 point. Include the section or chapter heading when you make a key milestone in your narrative or argument. You can also include diagrams and pictures in this section.


The goal of the conclusion is to summarize the claims and argument. Use this section to show the implications of the claims. If you would like to learn more on how to write a history dissertation, Use this service.