What Do I Need To Know About Organizing A Dissertation Cover Page?

You might be surprised at how many people aren’t sure about creating and organizing a decent dissertation cover page. But when you think about it there are many people that get lots of experience on this, because a dissertation tends to be something you work on only once in your life. That being said we’ve written this short article describing everything you need to know about organizing a proper dissertation cover page.

The Basic Rules for a Cover Page

Your dissertation cover page must follow the same formatting rules for the rest of the work. The most common styles for formatting and making citations (MLA, APA, and Chicago) all require 1-inch margins all the way around. You should also use a 12-pt font and double space each line of text. Do not use bold, underline, italics or quotation marks. The only exception to this is using italics when you are writing about a published book (such as in a literary dissertation) or have included an actual quotation within the title. Also stick with a legible type face that can be easily read both in print and on the computer screen.

The Document Type, Title, and Subtitle

Unlike other kinds of academic essays, you must include the word “DISSERTATION” on the first line, centered, using all capitals. Hit the “Return” key twice, skipping one space, and write the title using all capital letters. If there is a subtitle start it on the following line using both capital and lowercase letters. Always capitalize the first letter of major words.

Your Name and Department Name

Skip to just above halfway down the page (about three “Return” spaces) and type the words “Submitted by.” On the following line, type your full name, using the first name surname arrangement style. On the line below this, type the words “Department of” followed by the name of the department. Reminder everything is double-spaced, so you should have a space between each line of text.

University Information and Submittal Season

Hit “Return” three more times and enter the University Name (e.g., Colorado State University). Next, skip one line and enter the location of the university (e.g., Fort Collins, Colorado). Skip one more line and put in the submittal season (e.g., Spring 2017).

Advisor, Co-Advisor, and Committee Members

Remove the center alignment so that the cursor starts at the left, then indent 1/2-inch and type “Doctoral Committee:” Then skip a line, indented 1-inch and type “Advisor:” followed by the first and last name of your advisor. Use only a single space to move to the next line and immediately below type “Co-Advisor:” followed by that person’s name. Double space and enter the remaining committee members on separate lines, ensuring the alignment begins at 1-inch from the left.