How To Structure An MLA Dissertation: 10 Fundamental Rules

10 fundamental rules of writing academic papers in MLA style should be abided by competent writers. Stepwise, a writer will have to complete the whole dissertation in MLA style. However, he must recheck the written task meticulously to steer clear of different plagiarism issues. Remove all syntactical mistakes to ensure the content clarity enhancing originality.

10 Basic Fundamental Rules of Writing Dissertation in MLA Style

  • The double space must be used to format the content in this modern style
  • In case there is no prior instruction, opt for 1 inch margin whenever you do the necessary content formatting. 1 inch margins should be drawn on all sides (top, bottom, right and left sides).
  • Parenthetical sentences are prioritized by experts who will review your academic papers. Therefore, write fluently in simple language using parenthetical sentences to beautify the textual matter.
  • When you write the pamphlets or periodicals in Modern Language Association style, underline the sentences. Even to write titles of reference books, authors are found italicizing or underlining the content.
  • Always number the page. Put the specific number top on the right corner.
  • Plagiarism is a heinous practice and its must be prevented to authenticate information. Writers can’t plagiarize the content by copying the text written by someone. Therefore, many well known college authorities instruct students to check their academic papers through advanced copyscape machines before submitting their papers.
  • When you cite any reference quoting statements of an author, you need to use small quotation to restate the personal views of that author. However after writing the first reference, you can use only last name of the author in the text. For example, Lucy Peacey clarifies in the Art of the Short Story that to jot down a qualitative fiction story, an author must be grammatically perfect without doing any mistake. Now in MLA style, you need to write the sentence within quotation mark. However, after completing the first reference, choose the only last name Peacey in the content.
  • Cite the bibliography to end the academic paper in MLA style.
  • In case you don’t mention author’s name in the text, you must use only last name within parenthesis with page number. However you don’t need to place abbreviated form to specify page number like (pp 350).
  • If there is a list of names of authors to be mentioned in the citation, you have to write all names of authors or you can simply mention first author’s name followed by et all.

In this connection, writers can read the FAQ sheets to have good knowledge about content formatting in Modern Language Association genre Online e-books and articles on MLA formatting style are helpful to inexperienced undergraduate students.