A List Of The Most Interesting Topics For A Dissertation On Law

If you dream to have a career in law, you have to be ready to work more than you ever had to. Working with people is difficult, especially when you have to defend them or accuse them of something. Until there, you have to finish your education and complete your dissertation successfully. Most of the students have problems in choosing the right topic, so here are some interesting ideas:

  • Domestic violence. Very often the victims refuse to press charges against the offender, for different reasons. What can be done in this case? It is possible to bring the offender in front of a judge even without a confession? International crimes. In many parts of the world people live in fear and terror. This is because they are in the middle of the war and constantly attacked. However, the international law can not take any action against the guilty part because not all countries agree with this. What do you think that governments should do?
  • The right for custody. When parents divorce, the child is usually taken by one of them. In some cases, the child does not want to go with a parent but the law is forcing him to do so. When should a child have the right to decide with who he wants to stay?
  • Marital rape. In most of the country, a wife can not accuse her husband of rape because the law states that rape is conducted only outside marriage. Many victims live in terror because of this. Can a lawyer build a solid case against a rapist even if the victim is his wife?
  • Child Labor. The international law declared children labor as illegal, but things are not so simple. In various part of the world families have no other way to survive and they have to send their children to work. Can we blame them?
  • Legal age for marriage. Human rights associations are concerned about this issue for many years. In some countries girls are married since they are only 10 even if they consent or not. This leads to domestic violence, depression, suicide and much more. Some people blame religion, while others blame the culture. Can the international law establish a general age for marriage that will not be changed by any country? What are the risks and the benefits of this?