How To Select Offbeat Dissertation Topics In Tourism Management

The rules of writing an excellent dissertation are the same regardless of your topic. In this case it is to do with tourism management and the key word in the topic is offbeat. Remember the old adage that you must always answer the question being asked or, in this case, you must address the topic in specific detail.

So the first thing to decide is what we mean by the word offbeat. It certainly doesn’t mean that you will be writing about tourism management from a traditional point of view. You need to look for a unique perspective. You need to look for an approach to the dissertation which has never been written about before or rarely read about before. Mind you there is a tip which is that you could write about a well-known topic but do so in an offbeat manner.

Because the dissertation is not a five-minute exercise you would do very well to discuss the selection of topic with your teacher or tutor. It’s far better to be slow in making a start and select the topic wisely rather than rushing off with the first idea and hope that you’ve chosen the topic well.

Here is a list of fiftenn offbeat dissertation topics related to tourism management. Remember that if none of them particularly appeals to you, it’s possible to use them as a starting point for brainstorming to find a topic that does suit you. Good luck.

  1. Traditional travel agents must adapt to modern technology or die.
  2. What makes a destination eco-friendly?
  3. How to promote places in dangerous countries.
  4. How does tourism impact the local population?
  5. Why do some airlines prompt either end of the cost of fares be that expensive or cheap?
  6. How are certain historical events used to promote tourism?
  7. What happens to holiday resorts when their computer system crashes?
  8. How important are dangerous weather conditions to tourism?
  9. Are here any unexplored parts of the globe still open to tourists?
  10. Have the Olympic Games been a boon for tourism?
  11. How important is understanding different languages to tourism?
  12. How has tourism damaged certain areas of the world?
  13. What are the pros and cons o0f budget hotels?
  14. What are the employment prospects for people in the tourism industry?
  15. How has the Internet impacted the growth of tourism?