A Handpicked List Of Great Dissertation Writing Ideas On Architecture

There are many great dissertations writing ideas on architecture that a student might want to select for a thesis paper. Architecture is a fascinating subject to study with so many different topics to explore. Many people enjoy traveling to the different sites around the world to see the amazing buildings with different architectural buildings. Then of course not all architecture are buildings some sites are a landscape that was created centuries ago. No matter what your interest there are amazing topics to write about when it comes to architecture.

Architecture Gothic Writing Ideas

Many students who enjoy the subject of architecture often dwell on what would be a great writing idea on the subject. There are many interesting topics that can be explored like some of the following ideas:

  • Gothic architecture is one of the most outstanding forms that many people enjoy seeing and a great topic to write about. The European countries abound with buildings and landscapes full of scenic, architectural designs. This topic in architect would supply more than a years’ worth of writing.
  • Gothic architecture is not only found in Europe but modern buildings and homes in America and other foreign countries like India etc.

Weather affects architectural buildings and landscapes

The fact is that many buildings are affected by the weather. This topic is very interesting because those who want to start a new building realize that is they begin construction in 50-degree weather, and the building won’t be completed until after the temperature has risen to 100 degrees they must make adjustments to their building plans. Solar energy now plays an important part in architecture. The environment is important, so newer buildings include solar panels. A well-written essay on buildings and landscapes affected by the weather is a great topic to cover.


Today it is much easier for a student to find great dissertation writing ideas on architecture because of the fact that not only can they write about the Gothic era but there are many modern buildings with great architectural designs. The weather affects the building of new construction plus the fact that the environment is very important to a large part of society. Solar panels are now being used to help save on energy costs. There are many things to cover when it comes to writing about great architectural designs in the past and today.