Using An Example Of A Dissertation Acknowledgments In A Proper Way

You probably know by now that a dissertation has an acknowledgments page. You really need to write dissertation acknowledgments properly so that you can thank all those individuals who aided you in the process. It is a good idea to look at examples of acknowledgments from dissertations as these can help you out. You may be thinking that how is this so. Continue reading on to find out how to use an example of an acknowledgments page in the correct way.

Find out what the acknowledgments page includes

By looking at an example of an acknowledgments page, you can see what to include. The example will give you an idea of the people who are important to mention. You will see from the example that an acknowledgments page thanks those people who aided you in completing your work. It will show you that you should only mention those that are really important.

Get an idea of who to thank

After getting an acknowledgments example look and see who has been thanked. This may include family members, the supervisor, as well as individuals who aided the researcher in gathering data.

How to write an acknowledgments page

By looking at an example of an acknowledgments page, you can get an idea of how to write this page. You will see that you should write words that are short. You will see from examples that if you need to include your children, you can mention them all in one sentence. Therefore you can see from an example the words to include in acknowledgments and how to thank people. You can also see the way that others gave reasons for why they are acknowledging certain individuals and how they included these reasons in an effective way.

Figure out the length

A proper way to use an acknowledgments page example is to see how long the example is. You will see that acknowledgments should not be very long and should be one page only.

Where to put the acknowledgments

When getting an example of an acknowledgments page look carefully at where this is included in the dissertation. It often is at the beginning after the cover plus copyright page.

If you have planned to look at an example of an acknowledgments page within a dissertation, then this is a good idea. This is because it will aid you in knowing how to write this page. The above points will hopefully help you in using an acknowledgments example in a proper way.