Things that will ruin your dissertation for sure

Are you a student who is currently partaking on a master’s degree? Do you have the requisite skills to craft a dissertation masterpiece or you are just grappling with facts and opinions based on what your paper ought to include and what it should not entail? Visit a professional essay writing service to get quality help. Well, since time immemorial, not all students have always got it right with a term paper. While there are those whose writing skills have always proved phenomenal, some students who never prepared well or lack any ideas on what a term paper of this nature ought to entail ended up getting low grades. Perhaps what would hurt the most is say after three or so months of painstaking research for your final paper; everything gets rejected simply because you breached one rule or more. Dissertation writing is not something you wake up one day and you are done with fact finding and composition. It takes months to have a well researched study accepted in the field of academia. Good papers have always been kept for posterity and reference but poor term papers never see the light of day. It is on this premise that this article explores in details things that will definitely ruin your term paper and render your effort a waste of time and resources. While it is important to take them into account, also ensure they never feature in your paper next time you are tasked to conduct a study.


This is academic crime number one. Copying and pasting works of other authors is the biggest academic treason you will ever commit and you can imagine what it will do to your dissertation paper writing effort. When partaking on your master’s degree, you are required to produce original knowledge but supported by works of other researchers. This does not mean you take someone's paper and claim ownership for it. What you do should be reliable and dependable. It should be fresh knowledge. In fact, the uniqueness or originality of any study is way above par than anything else and so never afford to ruin your reputation after reaching this far. Button line is plagiarized work will get thrown into the bin and perhaps see you disqualified from your MBA. To avoid this terrible case, better use quality dissertation writing services that provide original content.

Inclusion of unnecessary information

Most of times, academic term papers such as dissertation ought to be comprehensive. This means, there is no room for shallow facts. But again, even as you embark of fact finding and information gathering, it is always important to stick to the rules with one such being specificity. A study should be clear on what it seeks to achieve. Well, you will be supporting your findings with existing literature but never run the risk of including information that do not have any bearing with what you are studying.

Lack of thesis statement will ruin your paper

From the onset, you must have a point which your paper seeks to defend or justify or even dispute. This is the thesis statements which is always included in the preliminary pages of an academic paper. In fact, failure to include a thesis statement in your term paper would render it meaningless and useless because it would go as another paper altogether but not a dissertation. When writing this section, it is also imperative to make it as short as it should be straightforward.

Too much writing

Of course a paper of this nature should be comprehensive since every finding should be given a detailed explanation. However, it will never pay off if all you do is write a lot with no definite direction. You are likely to veer off the main theme if you write unnecessarily. You explanations should be on point and short. Producing a voluminous paper does not always mean a study have been rigorous.